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Help us build this UNEP@50 Side Event into a Global Phenomenon

Co-creation & Acceleration to reach the Sustainable Development Goals

Help us build this UNEP@50 Side Event into a Global Phenomenon

Meeting the 2030 Agenda within the Planetary Boundaries

A celebration of UNEPs 50th Anniversary

When: 3 March at 5 PM EAT/ 3 PM CET
Where: Hybrid in Nairobi and on Zoom

We are proud to announce that 2022 Initiative’s event has been selected as one of the Side Events in the Green tent at UNEP@50! But we cannot do it alone….

Humanity has come to a point in time where we need to see bold action from the global community to change our current trajectory. We are looking for motivated thought-leaders in communities all over the world to initiate local dialogues in tandem with our team on the ground in Nairobi to create a Glocal Event on an ambitious scale!

In Nairobi, our team will facilitate and collaborate on a dialogue with the Club of Rome and their project Earth4All. Guest speakers are planned to include Johanna Lissinger Peitz (Ambassador Stockholm+50), Jorgen Randers (co-author Limits to Growth), Sandrine Dixson-Decleve (President Club of Rome), Janez Potocnik (Chair International Resource Panel, Earth4All Commissioner), Jane Kabubo-Mariara (President of African Society for Ecological Economists), and more….Our preliminary agenda will be as follows over the course of 90 minutes:

17.00IntroductionIntro to the event
How dialogue can lead to solutions
17.05Panel and PresentationMain findings of Earth4All report
Lessons from the Limits to Growth
Projecting a brighter future
through extraordinary action today
17.40ReflectionsReflections from participants
Introduction to dialogue session
17.50Dialogue in Small GroupsHow can we accelerate systems change?
What would a vision of a sustainable future look like?
What concrete actions can you commit to by 1 June?
18.05Sharing ResultsFrom participants in Nairobi and online
18.20Reflections from SpeakersHigh-level guest speakers present their own perspectives and give closing comments
18.30End of Event!Together, we celebrate UNEP@50

How can you get involved?

We want to make this event something special, global, and memorable. We are looking for thought-leaders and sustainability enthusiasts to develop their own dialogues in their local areas. You can follow a similar format to one we share above – a presentation from speakers followed by open discussion – or you can leap straight into vision formulation and sustainable commitments.

We will be using three different platforms to document participants’ visions and commitments. Our goal for this event is to have participants walk away from the dialogue sessions with a commitment on a sustainable action they will work towards up until 1 June and Stockholm+50.

Our three platforms are:
1. a Google form which you can access by clicking here
2. the app We Don’t Have Time : a platform for users to share sustainable initiatives (or failures) from climate and business leadership
3. Hack 4 Earth’s Dream for Earth : a platform for users to submit dreams of a sustainable future

We intend to continue dialogues after 3 March, all the way leading up to our kick-off event for Stockholm+50 on 1 June. If you want to form a dialogue hub and connect with us for the UNEP@50 Side Event, and if you have any questions about how to do so, please email us at

As dialogue hubs are formed, we would love to showcase facilitators from around the world here, on our website. Email us a confirmation of your dialogue event, a photo of yourself, and a short bio and we will add you to the website!

Join us in making UNEP@50 a Game Changer!

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