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We are the enablers of co-creation and acceleration - to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

Together. In 2022.


The 2022 Initiative aims to accelerate the global work on the 2030 Agenda, including the Paris Agreement, through interim goals by 2022, an Interim Conference and Sustainability Games in Stockholm and around the world in June 2022.
Longterm goals are needed for sustainability, but to create action and to hold today’s leaders accountable, we need milestones and Interim Targets. The 2022 Initiative Foundation is a non-profit foundation (read our purpose here).

UN Sustainable Development Goals
WHY 2022?

To accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and to hold today’s leaders accountable, we need milestones and Interim Targets. The year 2022 is halfway to 2030 since 2015 and the agreement on the 2030 Agenda and the Climate Agreement.
2022 is also the 50th Anniversary of United Nations Conference on Human Environment, held in Stockholm in 1972, the world’s first UN conference on sustainable development, and 50 years since the formation of UNEP, today UN Environment.


In the Sustainability Games everyone is a winner – A competition in Best for the World.

A healthy competition can drive new solutions, but not always and all the time. We don’t want to create a society of winners and losers. Through constructive collaboration we achieve true results that make the world a better place for all of us.

We have the solutions and we need action NOW. Why wait until 2030? Join us the the 2022 Initiative and the first Sustainability Games in 2022!

To reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 we need to speed up!

The year 2030 is too far away to create a sense of urgency, drive and engagement
already today in society at large. 
2022 is halfway to 2030 since 2015 and the agreement on Agenda 2030 and the Climate Agreement in Paris.
2022 will also mark the 50 year Anniversary since the Stockholm Conference, the first UN Conference on sustianable development, and the decision on UN Environment (UNEP), and also Rio 30.

To contribute to accelerated action and co-creation we arrange a series of dialogue meetings focusing on action NOW and come as far as possible by 2022.

Join us in a series of dialogue meetings for co-creation and accelerated action in relation to the Earth’s environmental future and upcoming UN meetings.

During the Swedish Democracy Week “Almedalen Week” we will arrange five dialogue meetings. The meetings are part of a series of dialogue meetings aiming at increasing the impact of the Stockholm 50 UN Conference and how we all, “We the Peoples”, can engage to accelerate action now, to reach as close as possible to halfway in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda by June 2022. Click on the links below for more information and registration.

Click here for a catch up from previous Dialogue Meetings

Sustainability Games & Conferences 2022, 2026, 2030 and so on…

– Every four years, just like the Olympics or World Championships
– Local event, around the world, connected digitally for “glocal” sustainability

Four areas of sustainability, Simplifying the SDGs

To reach the goals we need to see the big picture and simplify, to understand what it’s all about.

How let go of the silos and work together as humans?

We need to work together, as humans, to achieve SDGs.
By adding wellbeing we can more easily see how sustainability relates to the individual. 

Opportunities and insights

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It’s the Decade of Action.
In 2022 we are halfway in the 2030 Agenda.
So, it’s Time for Action NOW!

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Co-creating sustainability

For concrete action on the SDGs we need to include milestones – concrete Actionable Targets and in particular Interim Targets for 2022. We also need to take the Global Goals to the local level. We’re planning for local conferences around the world, connected globally. This is particularly important in a pandemic! Check out how below and join us! 

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Our partners


Agenda 2030 – Hur kan Sverige ta ledartröjan internationellt i Agenda 2030, inför Stockholm+50?

Wednesday 7 July 12-2 PM CEST (in Swedish

Event Link:



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How can we create societies where we live in harmony with nature & leave no one behind?

Tuesday, 6 July: 12-2 PM CEST (in English)

Event Link:



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Agenda 2030 – Hur skapar vi samhällen där vi lever i samklang med naturen och ingen lämnas utanför?

Tuesday, 6 July: 9-11 AM CEST (in Swedish)

Event Link:



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E-meet us in Almedalen 5 July

How can milestones, dialogue & digitisation increase action to reach the 2030 Agenda & Paris Accord?

Monday, 5 July: 3-5 PM CEST


Direct link to streaming on YouTube:

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Hur kan milstolpar, dialoger och digitalisering öka takten så att Agenda 2030 och Parisavtalet nås?

Direct link to streaming on YouTube:

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Earth Day Dialogue on indigenous and traditional knowledge

Earth Day 2021 – Live streamed event

Celebrating Earth Day: A dialogue on indigenous and traditional knowledge Join us virtually to celebrate Earth Day 2021 by tuning into this exciting lunch time talk with biologist, Marie Kvarnström,[…]

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Sustainability by Nature

Inspired by and in collaboration with Goodwill Ambassador, Jon Henrik Fjällgren

“Sustainability by Nature” fokuserar på mål 3 om hälsa och välmående, mål 4, god utbildning för alla, mål 5 om jämställdhet, mål 10 om allas lika värde, mål 13 om klimatet, mål 14: liv i havet, mål 15: liv på land, mål 16: fredliga och inkluderande samhällen och mål 17: partnerskap för genomförandet.

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2022 Initiative Foundation

The 2022 Initiative Foundation is formed with the purpose to engage support and resources towards a sustainable world. The Foundation’s resources are going to support sustainable development from a holistic point of view including social, economical and ecological aspects. In particular the 2022 Initiative Foundation is supporting cross-boundary collaborations, between disciplines, sectors of society, generations and actors from business, academia, grass root and public sector. Our base is Sweden but as our challenges are global we welcome international solutions.

The 2022 Initiative: The founders’ vision (Video)

All your innovation resources in one place

2022 Initiative is the hub for sustainable innovation and creative collaboration. We will connect you to the best collaborators available in order to create a constellation of partners, capital and resources.





We already have the solutions and there are plenty of good tools and methods for integrating sustainability in any organization. We have everything to win and nothing to lose by reaching the Global Goals faster. So, why wait? Join us in speeding up the process!

Helena Lindemark

Founder and President

Business is a vital partner in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals because it is the engine and the transformator in the world. However, to do the transformation, we need to put the SDGs in the core of the business strategy. I truly believe that companies and leaders that proactively make sustainability the core of their business strategy will drive innovation and will be the winners of tomorrows economy!

Eva Vati

Advisory Board Member

2022 Initiative is a signal to catalyse the regenerative economy, just in time. To celebrate our victories and learn from our mistakes in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, together as humanity, beyond the traditional boundaries and silos.

Rishab Khanna

Board Member


It’s not about the solutions, but the way.

Honestly, we know already what needs to be done. Another list won’t cut it. We need to start on the journey of how to proceed. We are currently planning the first 2022 Initiative kick off event. We want to get in touch with absolutely everyone who are interested in taking responsibility for a positive, sustainable and prosperous change. Let’s bridge gaps, cross borders and lower the barriers, within Sweden and beyond. At some point the idea of sustainability just got too boring and limiting, when it should be fun and hopeful. And very much needed. The 2022 Initiative is not another tedious conference but is all about the HOW. Do join in! Send us an email through the button below and add your organisation, company, NGO, governmental branch or yourself to the growing list of 2022 Initiative participants.

The 2022 Initiative is about action

Let’s imagine a country like Sweden. With all its resources and talented people. Even garnished with a touch of Jante. Let’s say they would use their collective brain power to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. For good. For the sake of humanity and prosperity. Fortunately, this is no longer wishful thinking. We are unleashing Sweden’s sustainable innovation power. Today.

Co-creative innovation the fun way

We believe we don’t need another list of what we need to do to achieve sustainability. Neither should it be boring and limiting but fun, creative, collaborative and most of all going for real results. Let’s go!

Sustaining competitive advantage through sustainable innovation

Sweden can do it. Sweden has every chance to lead the way globally and take the lead on sustainable innovation. 2022 Initiative is the hub.

Jan Eliasson welcomes 2022 Initiative

Jan Eliasson, a Swedish diplomat, former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, welcomes the initiative at the political week at Almedalen, Visby, July 2017 (in Swedish with subtitles in English).

Check out the video!

Image tribute to: Daniel Holking / WaterAid Sverige
[CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

We are the team

We are people from different walks of life, passionate about contributing to a positive change for Sweden and for the world. The United Nations 17 goals for sustainable development we believe is a wonderful start. But obviously goals are one thing and actually doing it is another. We believe these goals need to be turned into sustainable innovation and that we need milestones on the way and most important Interim Targets by 2022. Do join us!

Helena Lindemark, Founder & Board Member

Hållbar utveckling Sverige AB

Hannah Stanton, Board Member

Rishab Khanna, Board Member

Initiatives of Change Sweden

Pella Larsdotter Thiel, Board Member

Co-Founder of the Swedish Transition Network, End Ecocide Sweden, Save the Rainforest Sweden, the Swedish Network for Rights of Nature

Peter Dobers, Board Member

Professor in Business Administration at Södertörn University, with a strong interest in sustainable development and co-creation
Photo: Anna Hartvig

Jan-Gustav Strandenaes, Board Member

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is also being extended to include both Swedish and International Ambassadors and expertise. The Advisory Board currently includes:

Anders Wijkman

Co-President of the Club of Rome

Åsa Minoz

Head of Communications, Viable Cities

Prof. Pontus Braunerhjelm

Research Director, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Östen Ekengren

Deputy CEO, IVL

Björn Fondén

Strategic Business Advisor, Sustainability, Grant Thornton, Youth Delegate to the UN 2017

Kristin Pålsson

Deputy Director, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden, Board member UN Global Compact

Malin Dahlberg Markstedt

Manager, Save the Children Sweden, Corporate sustainable development/ Children’s Rights in business operations

Eva Vati

CEO & Founder, VATI of Sweden, Board of Directors Ideon Innovation, Business Mentor SDSN Youth

Daniel Dellham

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Foundation for Young Leadership & Deedster

Materials and resources

See our statutes, read call to action and other articles on LinkedIn, watch videos and more.

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